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Are you ready to vote?

We’re sure you are already aware but… today is Election Day!   Here are a couple of things we thought might be helpful.
Grace Period Registration
Did you know Illinois offers Grace Period Registration:   Find out more information here.  Grace period registration is an extension of the regular registration deadline. Grace period registration authorizes each election authority to establish procedures for the registration of voters and for change of address during the period from the close of registration for an election through Election Day. Although the traditional voter registration period closes 28 days prior to the election, grace period registration extends that deadline from the 27th day prior to an election through Election Day. Grace period registration is only available in -person at designated sites.  SO, YES, you can do this even if you haven’t registered to vote!
Making a Plan to Vote
There’s been a lot of conflicting information regarding mail-in voting this election. Many voters have made the choice to vote in-person at a polling place and/or official drop box. What’s most important is to make a plan to vote.
  • Find your Local Polling Place or Vote By Mail Ballot Drop Box Locations
  • Did you know you can drop off your ballot at one of these locations now through November 3rd?
  • If you are waiting until election day to cast your vote, make sure to schedule your time that day and be prepared to wait in line.
  • Remember that it is illegal to wear clothing that explicitly supports a candidate or measure to a polling place
  • VOTE SAFELY! Wear a mask and stay 6+ feet away from anyone.
Who are you voting for?
There are several things you will be voting on this year besides the President. Make sure you’re thinking about who you’d like to elect in your local elections and measures. Each candidate will have a website outlining their policies and plans. Look into how the candidates feel about the measures on the ballot. It’s also important to consider who supports or opposes the candidates? Who has contributed to their campaigns? Are these organizations you trust? Many local organizations endorse a candidate, pay attention to this. If voting on an incumbent, consider how your life has been affected by their policies since their term started. Would you like them to continue representing your community or do you want to see a change?

To find out more and who is on your ballot go to the Illinois Voter Guide.

Happy Voting!!