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Great Fundraising Ideas (sent in by Grantees and their centers) for “The Power of Two” campaign: 


#1.  Submitted by Grantee Riverbend Head Start and Family Services (various locations):

1(a).  Raffle Baskets – Our parents, lead by Policy Council members, create baskets for sale at our program All-Agency In-Services.  The parents create the baskets, promote the sale of the tickets and then draw for prizes.  We have found that staff do support these events and by empowering parents to manage the process, we have successful campaigns.  This event happens two times a year.

1(b).  Penny Rush – Annually our parents; lead by policy council, put together baggies and flyers for children to take home asking families to donate pennies to $2.00 per child.  Each center has a process for collecting the pennies in large buckets that the kids watch fill up.  Some parents take buckets out to community businesses and collect pennies, lose change; others just scrape together what they can find in the house.  Each child is able to add to the bucket over a three week period.  We have been amazed at the contributions provided and the amount of change that comes in even after the event is complete.  There is a real sense of ownership with the parents.

1(c).   Cook Book – this is a new idea that generated this past year when one of our centers created a center cook book.  One of the recipes was actually used as part of our menu for the children replicated by our food service vendor.  The cook books were free at the center but Policy Council suggested we try and develop a cook book to sell for $2.00 per child.  We will see how this project takes off.

  Who would like to share their more successful fundraising ideas with other members?  Will your agency be next?  Email us: with your POWER OF TWO fundraising campaign ideas!

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