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      The NEW database is here!    Our IHSA Shared Database has been upgraded!

BEGIN by inputting your agency’s Wage & Benefit data onto our current IHSA worksheet (Excel spreadsheet updated March ’21).
Do not adjust anything “pre-set” within that worksheet form, otherwise we will be unable to fully upload your worksheet.
Use our current IHSA worksheet ONLY.

As each member participates (on annual basis), you will ALL be finding higher quality reports! 

This is a FREE member service.  See our NEW main menu today.  View the Wage & Benefits brochure.* 
Having every Grantee Agency’s most current data serves to maintain the MOST VALUE from this IHSA service.

See how your agency may participate – BEGIN here

Access to this Support Service helps your agency with compliance of the federal mandate.
Security: IHSA may update passwords, as needed. Each agency director would be sent the new password and date when previous password expires.


*Click here for non-member pricing.