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Let’s build 100% awareness with STATE legislators; IHSA goal is 177 agency visits! 

Plan a VIRTUAL meeting/visit (during COVID mitigations) & then send us information to post.

Across the State of Illinois, we have 118 House Reps & 59 Senators.

Check out these photos below from earlier legislative visits (prior to COVID-19).  Let’s reach out some more – virtually!

Senator Dave Koehler of Dist 46 (above) and Representative Keith Sommer of Dist 88 (below) visited Tazewell-Woodford Head Start for “Give Kids A Smile Day.”  That event (put on by the Peoria District Dental Society) provides free dental check-ups to all our Head Start children! Urgent care needs are then referred to dentist for follow-up.
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A big thanks to Linda Wang and her team for hosting State Sen. Martinez of Dist. 20 (those photos expected soon)!  Meanwhile, check out the great series of smiles at the HANA Early Childhood Center-Chicago
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State Rep Katie Stuart – Dec 2019 visiting Riverbend’s Collinsville location.

Riverbend hosted legislative visit in Dec 2019 at Collinsville center.

State Sen. Terri Bryant (Dist#115) reads to children at SIU-Carbondale Head Start.

State Rep. Tony McCombie (Dist#71) visited Tri-County Opportunities Council team {in navy}.

Southern 7 Head Start hosted State Rep. Patrick Windhorst (Dist#118).  He toured Mounds Early Learning Center, visited Metropolis Head Start (part of Southern Seven Head Start), visited one of the newly opened Early Head Start Classrooms, and read a story to the children. Also he visited other Head Start classrooms, as well recited the Pledge of Allegiance with them!  (All three photos below show various Southern 7 Head Start engagement with Rep. Windhorst.)

Heartland Head Start hosted two state officials: Rep. Daniel Brady (Dist#105) and Rep. Keith Sommer (Dist#88) not pictured.

State Senator Robert Peters (Dist#18) meeting with El Valor Staff and Parents (above); Sen. Peters reading to El Valor Head Start Children (in photo below). 

Appreciation shown (above) by way of hugs-hugs-hugs from these Carlos Cantu children of El Valor to St. Rep. Celina Villanueva (Dist 21) — for reading to them!

GREAT engagement, El Valor!!! Directors, staff and parents (above) welcomed St. Rep. Elizabeth Hernandez (Dist 24) and St. Rep. Celina Villanueva (Dist 21) – both are seated in front row.

Children at El Valor Guadalupe Reyes Children and Family Center (above) enjoyed being read to by St. Rep. Theresa Mah (Dist#2) during Head Start Awareness Month!

Riverbend Head Start and Family Services hosted St Sen. Rachelle Crowe #56 (standing left) and St Rep. Monica Bristow #111 (standing right) on Thursday, 11-21-19 (at the Alton HS Center).

Look for more over next months showing virtual visits/meetings with STATE LEGISLATORS (& related images via Zoom, etc.)

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Meanwhile, there is also active Illinois advocacy happening on the FEDERAL level!
Heartland HS hosted two elected federal officials: Darren LaHood (Cong. Dist #18) & Rodney Davis (Cong. Dist #13).
Educare of West DuPage connected with Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi  (Cong. Dist #08).
Riverbend HS’s program in Edwardsville met with Congressman Rodney Davis (Cong. Dist. 13) in September.

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