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Promoting Early Childhood Classroom Excellence in an Era of Accountability: Getting the best from your classroom staff

This Seminar is for education managers and supervisors who are looking for a training that is inspirational, empowering, relevant, supercharged and fun! Come together with your colleagues for a cutting edge opportunity to “get the best from your classroom staff”. The new Performance Standards will be here soon. Be ready with the growing expectations for our education staff. What do you WANT early childhood teaching to look like in your program? So, how do we describe excellent early childhood practice in 2016? Key components of this awesome professional development experience include:
1. Sharing a Vision of Exemplary Early Childhood Practice. This includes: reviewing the research on excellence; looking at classroom tools and how they describe excellent early childhood practice and other perspectives on excellent early childhood practice.
2. Making the Vision a Reality – Getting the Best from Your Classroom Staff. How do you create a vision that motivates staff? What’s the view of the future? How can you mobilize energy?
3. The Art of Effective Supervision and Effective Mentoring and Coaching. What is it that programs are doing to get the best results? What’s the right mix? What are those programs doing that have the highest CLASS scores?
4. Maximizing Your Positive Impact as a Supervisor or Manager. Launch your Vision with On-line Support. Be empowered to take charge by extending your knowledge through relevant dialog with your peers and experts and apply learning in real time. Through a new concept called Edcamps your learning is centered on the passions and questions relevant to you and the learning community. Addressing challenges, exploring new practices, and celebrating successes through social media as an entry point for dialog and discussion will support continued learning and support. So the learning doesn’t stop when you finish the training. We’ll stay together as a community throughout the school year.