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Region V

President Kathy Fudge-White
Secretary Debbie Beeler
Treasurer Teena Alpers
Parliamentarian Kyle Hubert









The Region 5 Head Start Association Board of Directors is composed of four representatives from each of the six states in Region 5:

  1. Illinois
  2. Indiana
  3. Michigan
  4. Minnesota
  5. Ohio
  6. Wisconsin

The four representatives from each state are elected from the same categories of memberships as are in the IHSA:

  • Directors
  • Staff
  • Parents
  • Friends

State Head Start Associations pay annual dues to the Region 5 Head Start Association.  There are no individual members at the regional level.  Traditionally, the purposes of the Region 5 Head Start Association have been to: sponsor a biennial regional conference; coordinate issues and information between the National and State Associations, including selecting the Regional scholarship winners; and, elect board members to the National Head Start Association to represent the states in Region 5.