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2nd Annual Site Directors & Management Academy

December 4—6, 2019

Location:  Illinois Head Start Association / 3435 Liberty Drive / Springfield

Times: 4th: 9AM—4:30PM, 5th: 9AM—4:30PM / 6th: 8:30AM — Noon


Whether you are new or a seasoned professional looking to renew and improve your skills….this Academy is for you! Many who serve in a leadership position (or desire to serve in the future) must work to engage all site stakeholders (staff, children, parents, administrators, community members/partners) from various skill levels, backgrounds, and experiences. Whether your job title is EHS/HS Director, Site Director, Center Director, Center Manager, Center Director, Education Manager or some variation thereof, this academy has been developed and designed with you and your specific needs in mind. You serve as a mentor, coach, support system, and you must keep staff motivated all while ensuring you have the infrastructure (both physical and mental) in place to yield positive outcomes for children and families. Some of the skills you will learn at the Academy will include: creating your own leadership style; engaging in mindful supervision and actions; bringing out the best in yourself and others; and building a cohesive team. The program is designed to help leaders develop strategies to lead effectively and maintain high performing teams in the midst of organizational change and challenges. IHSA has recognized these challenges and has partnered with Ericka Williams and Yolanda Winfrey, two very experienced senior level Head Start managers and trainers /consultants to provide you with an intensive, hands-on, high-energy, engaging, skill & knowledge-building 2 ½ day Academy to include six in-depth training modules. The six modules will provide a collaborative adult learning experience with peer-to-peer networking.

The six intensive training modules included are:

  1. Leadership 2. Supervision 3. Program Operations 4. Systems Integration 5.Community Building  6. Building a Cohesive Team


Additionally, we are excited to be adding “Mindfulness” as a common thread that will be woven, recognized, and practiced in each academy module. We believe embracing and practicing the art of mindfulness in tandem with other essential leadership skills can be a significant, positive difference maker in the lives of our academy participants and those they serve.