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Step UP! now for Head Start Awareness!

NOW is the time for us all to step up!

Work for 100% Awareness Goal 

Do your part SOON to help us reach it!

As agencies host their officials, Lauri’s Friday updates will indicate each week’s NEW level on our Tracking Thermometer above!

So start “heating” things up at your agency today with helpful steps below.  Schedule those legislative visits as soon as possible.

Head Start depends upon increased AWARENESS!

Step #1

Invite your state house member and state senator member to visit your program.  Not sure who they are?  Go to our IHSA webpage, Find My State and Federal Representatives.
See where it says “Click to Find My Elected Officials.”  Enter your address, press “Find Address” button.  Press “Okay” and then “Confirm Address” to confirm yours was found.
You will see names of your state senator and state house member, their phone numbers and email addresses.  You will need to send out two invites, one for your State Senator and one for your State House Member.
Personalize this sample invitation letter and send to their respective email address (or by snail mail to the address provided).
Don’t give up if they don’t reply, sometimes I need to contact them three times before they reply.  Be persistent because it’s important!


Step #2

Plan the program visit and activities that will leave a lasting, positive impression. Use this sample visit plan to get started!  Wondering, what to do while they are onsite?
While your elected official is on-site, you can take them on a tour of the facility, have them read to the children, and hear from community partners.


Step #3

Use this press advisory template to invite your local newspaper and TV stations to cover this special occasion. Be sure to personalize the advisory.


Step #4

Thank your member and all who accompanied him or her. Use the “two Ps” to say thank you: Post pictures from the visit on social media and tag your members to thank them.
Personally thank them using this thank you letter template.   There you have it – now let’s make this happen!


NOW is the time to Step UP for Head Start Awareness!

Have your agency Step UP! for Head Start Awareness today!